Pyxis LabĀ® Products

Sensys are the UK distributor for all Pyxis Lab products in the UK

Founded in 2013 by Dr. Caibin Xiao, Pyxis Lab® started from humble beginnings in Holliston, Massachusetts. Over the first decade, the company grew and it is currently operating a Global Headquarters near Houston, Texas. Pyxis Lab offers high quality inline sensors, handheld analytical devices & fluorescent tracing chemicals that have impressive credientials throughout the world of water treatment.

  • Pyxis ST-720

    High range conductivity
    Smart and robust for industrial applications

  • Pyxis ST-725 Inline Sensor

    Ultra-low conductivity
    Designed for pure and ultra-pure water applications

  • Pyxis ST-765ss Inline Sensor

    Oxidiser disinfection
    Measure free chlorine, chlorine dioxide or pH content in water

  • Pyxis ST-500 Inline Sensor

    Bleach/chlorine dioxide
    Measure the optical density of bleach or chlorine dioxide

  • Pyxis ST-500 Inline Sensor

    Real-time monitoring of inhibitor dose, accurate & robust

  • Pyxis ST-500 Inline Sensor

    PTSA & tagged polymer
    Dual inline sensor for industrial cooling water applications

  • Pyxis ST-590 Inline Sensor

    Tagged polymer
    Inline sensor for industrial cooling water applications

  • Pyxis ST-772 Series

    DO: Pressure & temp comp
    Measures DO, incorporating pressure and temperature compensation

  • Pyxis ST-773

    DO: Temp compensation
    Measures DO, incorporating temperature compensation

  • Pyxis ST-774

    Ultra low range DO
    Robust, measuring oxygen partial pressure vs dissolved oxygen

  • Pyxis CR-200 Inline Sensor

    General and localised corrosion measurements instantaneously

  • Pyxis CR-301 Inline Sensor

    High pressure/temp corrosion
    High pressure & high temperature, affordable, corrosion rate measure

  • Pyxis HM-500

    Oil in water
    Measures for oil in water at a range of 0-10ppm

  • Pyxis ST-590 Inline Sensor

    PTSA & turbidity
    Utilising both LED UV and warm white light sources

  • Pyxis ST-730 Inline Sensor

    Inline turbidity
    More robust, tolerant to fouling inline turbidimeter

  • Pyxis ST-73X Inline Sensors

    Ultra-low turbidity sensors
    For Drinking & Industrial Water Applications

  • Pyxis LS-202

    Ultrasonic liquid level sensors
    built to handle dirty, sticky and scaling liquids

  • Pyxis refractometer

    Measures the refractive index with a highly accurate reading

  • Pyxis SP-200 Handheld Meters

    Colorimeter measures common oxidising biocides & disinfectants

  • Pyxis SP-350 Handheld Meters

    Handheld fluorometers
    Direct concentration measurement of PTSA

  • Pyxis SP-600 Handheld Meters

    Multi-meter and Cl colorimeter
    Water multimeter & colorimeter in one, measuring 5 key parameters

  • Pyxis SP-710 Handheld Meters

    Water multi-meter
    Measures upto 6 key water treatment parameters

  • Pyxis SP-800 Handheld Meters

    Portable multi-water analyser
    Parameter/wavelength, colorimeter & turbidimeter

  • Pyxis SP-910 Handheld Meters

    Portable multi-water analyser
    Parameter/wavelength fluorometer, colorimeter & turbidimeter

  • Pyxis FS-100

    Ultrasonic flow meters
    State-of-the-art ultrasonic flowmeters for water or corrosive solutions

  • Pyxis FR-300

    Motorised brush flow assembly for cleaning of the ST-765SS series

  • Pyxis MA Series

    MA Series
    Inline BlueTooth® 5.0 wireless adapters

  • Pyxis MA Series

    Pyxis PowerPACK series BlueTooth® auxiliary adapters

  • PTSA Calibration Solutions

    PTSA Calibration Solutions
    Calibrate quickly. Ensure accuracy.

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