Biocide treatment timers
  • delay timers for primary biocide dosing
  • delay timers allow shot dosing which helps avoid over dosing in very small or very large systems
  • programmable in seconds/ minutes
  • choice of direction connection to dosing pumps or solenoid valves for brominators
  • programmable timers for secondary dosing
  • allows scheduled dosing in hours/ days/ weeks
biocide timer for attachment to solenoid valve brominator
Delay timers. These timers are ideal in applications where the dosing of the primary biocide, e.g. chlorine/ bromine, needs to alternate from continuous to intermittent dosing. Intermittent dosing helps to minimise problems associated with the dosing of the primary biocide, such as overdosing in very small or very large systems. These timers are programable to seconds/ minutes with a delay/ pause function to allow the biocide dosing to be in controlled shots, rather than continuously. The timers come in two versions; either directly connected to a dosing pump or a solenoid valve (pictured) for brominators
biocide timer
Programmable timers. Ideal for secondary biocide dosing. Timers are programmable in hours/ days/ weeks for scheduled dosing