A wide range of pH, ORP, conductivity, peracetic acid, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, fluorometer and ozone electrodes. These are dedicated electrodes designed to be used with their range of cooling tower, pH/ORP, conductivity, disinfection and boiler controllers
walchem pH orp redox electrodes
walchem conductivity electrode
walchem disinfection elecrodes free chlorine bromine
walchem fluorometer PTSA fluorescien electrode
A wide range of pH, ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, free chlorine and chlorine dioxide electrodes for use in submersible, in-line and insertion formats. Sensorex electrodes can be retrofitted to most industrial controllers, portables and laboratory meters
sensorex ph orp electrodes
sensorex conductivity electrodes
sensorex dissolved oxygen electrodes
sensorex chorine dioxide electrodes
sensorex free chlorine bromine electrodes